Koi Pond Decoration

Some Option for ( Koi ) Pond Decoration

Based on the fish you stock your pond with, they’re sometimes a huge investment. So plan with care and be patient. You’ve decided your garden takes a pond. A pond is a fantastic outdoor water feature that’s especially gratifying during the hot summer days. A very simple pond decoration could be decorated with a exceptional

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saltwater aquarium guide

4 Main Point When Stocking Marine Aquarium

When stocking a saltwater fish aquarium, there are four main areas to consider before you invest in your first fish. These four very important aspect of stocking a marine aquarium are : Oxygen levels, filtration system, water temperature and the fish ( or specifically the size  and quantity of fish ). The following discussion covers

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Shark for aquarium

Banded Shark for Aquarium

Most shark for aquarium are found n or near coral reefs, rocky refs, or lagoons. These smaller species will readily fees on vitamin-enriched frozen squid, live  ghost shrimp,and other meaty foods such as ocean shrimp ( must be non-preserved ) and squid. After the sharks have had time to establish, with the typical size on

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clown fish

Anemone Fish : Tomato Clown Fish

The Tomato Clown fish – (Amphiprion frenatus) is a great fish for a beginner or expert. They’re colorful, vibrant, and do very interesting things in the home reef aquarium. In nature they are usually hosting some type of anemone, usually a BTA (bubble-tip-anemone). In the home aquarium they are known however to host very easily

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freshwater shrimp tank

How To Start a Freshwater Shrimp Tank

Freshwater shrimp are growing in popularity, becoming readily available and some companies are producing special “shrimp” tanks. I will go over things like housing, tank mates and general care. So in this post I will describe some of the basics of starting up a freshwater shrimp tank. Your first thoughts need to be one of the

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Best betta fish

Betta Fish in Community Tank

I’m writing this article as there seems to be some misinformation about the Betta also know as the Fighting Fish. Recently a family member went to a pet store to purchase a platy trio. When asked what else she had in the tank she replied a betta. Now apparently the worker gets slightly rude and

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Jump Start Aquarium Cycling

The cycle process of an aquarium can take from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. It is a process that takes time and something that every aquarium will have to go through. There are however ways to jump-start this process to help it kick off faster. I generally would not consider these

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Aquarium Decoration

Is Aquarium Decoration Worth It?

Anything you purchase for your fish tank will reflect your individual taste as aquariums aren’t a house for your fish but in addition a show piece for your home. Picking the perfect betta fish tank to your requirements may be tricky thing. Water shifting is extremely important fighting ich outbreaks. Once we change water it’s

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Metronidazole for fish

Is Metronidazole For Fish Was Effective?

One of Mentronidazole usability is an antibiotic medication for dogs and other animals that can be used in treating bacterial infections. Commonly the only way which you can save your fish is by keeping up a moderate temperature of about 95ยบ F and / or place metronidazole for fish. If your fish isn’t responding well

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Amazon monster fish

Amazon Monster Fish Tank

Dr. X stated that not one of the Amazon monster fish are endangered within this region of the Amazon. Also he stated but a delicate balance has to be maintained. Before you proceed and purchase some exotic fish or even if you’ve had pet fish before. There are the few questions you may should have

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